Contact me for workshops or customized individual instruction. Whether it's DSLR, Video or iPhone/Smartphone photography you're interested in, I have a wealth of information and inspiration to share. Here's what some of my students say about working with me to bring greater joy into their photography and create photographs.

"I've always loved shooting pictures. Rhonda worked with me privately and the word I'll use is Excitement. I discovered new visions, seeing things in new and creative ways. Something as simple as looking at a flower but in greater detail. Walking around and looking at things from different angles. Seeing Landscapes through new eyes. I gained a greater appreciation of life's beauty. She has the ability to teach technical aspects of photography; but, with an emphasis on "how to see" and create wonderful pictures." Sheryl

"Rhonda is a very inspirational teacher for our 6-7-8 graders at Global Technology Prep School in Harlem. She shows great patience in working with each and every student to help them find their joy in photography. Emphasis is placed on the students' finding their own vision. They not only learn the technical skills to take good photographs, they enjoy the experience of finding self esteem through their work and play." Margot, Instructor for Citizens Schools, AmeriCorps

"Rhonda showed me how photos taken with my Apple 7 Plus phone can become works of art. Her creativity is matched by her enthusiasm to see the beauty of the world through her lens and to share what she knows with others." Jan

"Rhonda has been my mentor since the first time I picked up a camera. She has taught me everything useful I know about photography, and has cultivated my interest in many different types of photography. She is a patient and practical teacher, and I always learn something new from her. Her talent for photography and videography never ceases to impress and inspire me. I would highly recommend her as a teach or professional." Kay

"Rhonda has all the qualities you need in a great teacher: depth of knowledge, enthusiasm, ability to communicate clearly and patience." Jane

Rates for lessons in Portland:

Individual Lesson $60 per hour {2 hour minimum}

Package of Consecutive Lessons {most popular}

  • Two - 2 Hour Lessons $ 220

  • Three - 2 Hour Lessons $ 320

Field Trips will be quoted based on time and travel.

Contact me for further details.